Company Setup

Registration of company with or without Local Malaysian can be done within one week. Those who are willing to start business in Malaysia can also register company 100% foreign owned. If the Visa & Work Permits are required by company Directors, then Paid up capital should RM 1 Million.

The minimum paid-up capital for companies: Private Limited Company/Public Listed Company effective 1st January 2009 are as follows:-

1. 100% Locally Owned RM 250,000.00
2. Local and Foreign Owned RM 350,000.00
3. 100% Foreign Owned RM 500,000.00
4. If the nature of business is Trading, Export/Import, Shop, Restaurant, then capital should be: RM 1 MILLION.

Most of people are misguiding to foreigners that they cannot register company without any participation of local person, but be careful this is wrong statement. There is positive side for foreigners if they consider any Local Malaysian in their company, that they will get exemption from Ministry of Domestic Trade for obtaining WRT Approval is Local is inducted with 50% shares in company.

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WRT License


    Companies with foreign ownership that are engaged in distributive trade are required to obtain a wholesale and retail trade (WRT) license from the Ministry of Domestic Trade Cooperative & Consumerism (MDTCC) before they can apply for an Employment Pass or VPTE. “Distributive trade” refers to wholesale and retail trade of goods and services. Other companies with foreign ownership that are not engaged in distributive trade do not require a WRT license

    The requirement of paid up capital for obtaining WRT is RM 1 Million. So foreigners must be careful while registering companies that their company is being registered with 1 Million Paid up capital or only authorized capital.

    NOTE: if foreign companies appoint any LOCAL MALAYSIAN DIRECTOR with 50% shares, then they will automatically be considered exempted from WRT Approval.

    for details contact: or
    Ph: +60102345273, +60392008263

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Work Permits Visa

Work Permits for Malaysia are issued alongwith 02 Years Expatriate Visa to those who have formed their company in Malaysia. This type of visa comes in high executive category issued to investors and professionals and their salaries are not less than RM 5000 per month.

After Approval from Expatriate Committee located at DP-10 Immigration Putrajaya, who take around one week, the expatriate can apply for Work Permits & Visa at DP-11 and after 03 days they will issue the same.

The immigration has established separate executive Lounge at Pass Section for those who would apply for Work Permits & Visa in this category.

For details please visit following site:

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